Friday, August 17, 2012

The Final Last Day

Scooter is off at college now and we were so busy enjoying our last day together, he didn't get a chance to post about it. So, here I am, sad that he is gone, but SO excited to see what life he chooses for himself.

Our "Last Day" tradition is to head to an overlook to the Golden Gate Bridge for pictures.

We certainly took pictures, but the Golden Gate didn't make it in any of them! It's out there somewhere.

We explored the Marin Headlands bunkers and tunnels.

And once we were frozen (ahhh San Francisco in August...) we took off for lunch.

Off The Grid baby! Food truck fun! We had a chance to hang out with friends and enjoy our time together.

Then it was off to campus. Sniffle.

Scooter looooved the hanging toys! The video isn't great, but...

After several last hugs, we were off. This week's phase report:
Scooter 5C69 LAB M 0

Scoot, we love you! Do good work buddy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 6

Ok - running behind! So much to do! So much to do!

When I heard about the "Week of Lasts" I expected To be doing all stuff I had done before. But, not so!!

We all packed in to the car and headed for my grandparents house. We visited there for a bit, then we - get this - ditched Dagan! We don't ever do that!

We got to a place that was SUPER hot! (I had to walk fast across the parking lot to save my feet! So hard to move fast!) It was
The Jelly Belly Factory. I'm not sure what that is, but it smelled real good!

I listened to the tour guide real close.

And looked through to dog-level windows. How cool that they have dog windows! No one does that! Super cool - though, with dog windows, I would have expected more dogs there. Whatever.

Honestly, the tour was kinda boring (guess that's why the dogs don't come - they already knew!)

Pbbbt on that!

Then we headed to the Budweiser Factory.

Mmmm Beer! At least that's what Dad said. I just got water. I took advantage of the video time for a nap! Being hot wears a boy out!

I did learn that their beer used to be moved by big horses. Why horses? Labs could totally do better! I could totally pull off being a Clydesdale!

Right?? I got this!

Or not - maybe a nap after all that hot weather is a better idea!

Awwww yes! Grandparent carpet is extra cuddly and good for naps!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 5

A good good day! After saying good-bye to my work friends, we said a quick good-bye to Dagan's day care buddies when we picked him up. Ran home, ditched Dagan and headed out... I didn't know where we were going, but we picked up one of my favorite peeps! So fun (I won't mention that I have a tendency to jump over the seat when she gets in the car). Then, we picked up Dad and went in the car for-EVER! As soon as we parked, I got all excited - BASEBALL time!!! Woo hoo! I LOVE my Giants! I dressed for Orange Friday and we were off!

It took a while to get in, through the lines, and get settled.

I had a great seat - even if I couldn't see all the action.

What's better than a ball game with your dad?

Friend Janie came too! So happy to see her before we both go off to college Sunday!

But, the best part?? Every time this guy got up to play, people cheered for ME!!

Up to bat? "SCOOTEROO!!" a good play in the infield? "SCOOTEROO!!" He must have told everyone that I was going to be there! Mom says they were saying "Scutaro," but that doesn't make much sense. What's a Scutaro?? Crazy Mom!

Day 5 was a great one (even if #19 and his pals lost).


Friday, August 10, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 4

Dear Lennox,
This one's for you! An apology. I am sorry that you will have to pick up where I left off with this one. It's boooooring 99% of the time, except for being with Mom. It happens regularly (frequently pushing doggy dinner time to a later slot). I'm sorry bud! Along with the toys I bequeath you, this comes too. Suck it up and make the most out of it!

Last night, friends, was my final trip to Target. (I shoulda passed out Kleenex - sorry peeps!)

Never again will Mom and I push the cart past the Honey Nut Scooters. (Kleenex again! Sorry!)

The carts that run so smooth - its time for us to part.

Farewell RP Target, farewell!


PS I totally snuck in another "last" trip to Golden Spoon - we were supposed to meet Friend Janie there, but she didn't make it. Another night of sweet smelling goodness for me!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 3

Is it possible for it to be a good day in the week of lasts?? This one certainly won't be missed by me! Wednesday nights have been "crate nights" for me. We come home from work, play, eat dinner and then it's crate time while Mom and Dad are out. Buh-bye
Crate night!

And it certainly won't be the last time this happens (I am here for a couple more days!) but we don't usually get pics. This is something I'm going to miss! Even if it is replaced with something similar.

Yard running with my Dagan dog! Love love chasing him (hush! He does not ALWAYS do the chasing - he's simply more agile than me...) We run. We zoom. We try not to hit the pole in the middle of the grass. (umm... That hurts!)

Another day in the week of lasts is in the books!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 2

Today I had another boring day at work. Nothing exciting. Nothing new.

But, after work, Mom, Dad, Dagan and I all went to visit Ms
Janice so I could say good bye to her. I don't mind my week of lasts so much. I don't mind saying goodbye to places I have been. It's not that I won't miss those places (come on, I'd be crazy not to miss the beach!), but people are harder.

I'm a dog. I live in the now. That makes me lucky. I'm always happy to see my peeps, but I just don't miss them like they miss me. There is so much fun to have every moment, it's hard to take time out to miss people. But I know it's not the same for them. I get that and it makes me sad that they can't live in the NOW as well as I can. I hope they learn to miss me less, then just be super excited to see me when the time comes. And I totally hope that they show it with a big butt wag (cause they don't have a tail...)

Annnnyway! That's my hope for my peeps! On our way home, after Ms Janice's and a quick stop at Raley's (mom is such a dork! She took "pulled pork" outta the freezer for the crockpot to cook - but, it was carnitas and dinner required some re-working. Why can't they be happy with kibble every day like me?? That's WAY easier!) we all took one last trip to Golden Spoon. My puppy buds and I go there after puppy class all the time. I'm gonna miss my Golden Spoon naps!

Wonder what's next!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week of Lasts Day 1

Well guys, we are almost at the end of our time together. There are traditions in this house and we will stick to them! The Week of Lasts is always full of fun and tears. Monday, Day 1, was not all that exciting - my last trip to Petco and Trader Joe's. Sorry guys, not much to miss there!

But my Week of Lasts started a day early. Mom didn't get any pics, but it was my last Sunday with my church peeps. Love them! I will miss listening for Aunty Angela and anticipating her most excellent body rubs. I will miss my kids friends and my adult friends. Just love them!

Then, it was off to the beach! On my last trip to the beach, I was actually NOT scared (or too scared anyway) of the ocean chasing me down! Silly Ocean just wanted to play with me!

I hung with Dagan and my pug friends and Montego and Gertie. I 💙 Gertie. There's just something about old ladies that gets me! Love me a cougar!

Montego likes to chase birds. See the little dot by the big giant pelican?? That's my friend Montego. He's crazy! That bird totally couldn't have eaten him! I think.

Anyone want a face only a mother could love?? This little pug friend is a rescue, looking for a home. She's... She's... Well, she's a non-Scooter-lovin-pistol of cuteness. I hope she finds a mother to love that face soon!

A good day! I hope I find my way to a beach again after college!

In case you are wondering, Mom's heart looks a bit like this now:

She wishes my paw print wasn't quite so big though.