Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If I were a chicken...

Mama says I would need to be this kinda chicken

(drawing of a chicken with a cushion comb - the comb covering the "forehead" area of the chicken)

With a "cushion comb" I would hurt a little less. I wouldn't hit my head less (I do that a LOT!) but, with cushion there, I would spend far less time "shaking it off."

But, since I am not a chicken, I just have to be thankful I have a hard noggin!

(Scooter resting his chin on Dagan's shoulders)

And a brother to use as a pillow. Thanks Dagan!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr Kitty

This is my main cat, Mr Yogi Kitty

(big black cat in a red comforter nest)

We like to chat. He tells me all sorts of stuff that Mama wishes he wouldn't. Like how to sit on coffee tables. And to whack Dagan upside the head. And to steal people food off plates! He's a naughty kitty. Though a good naughty kitty - he gets away with all that stuff and I NEVER do. Bummer.

(Scooter sitting in front of Mr Kitty, who is sitting on the coffee table)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Please Remain Seating

Please remain seated until all doors are fully open. It's not like getting off a ride, but sorta. Mama always reminds me of this every time we go get in the car. Cause, if she doesn't, I jump too early (like while the door is still closed) and thump my head. It's not good for my head, or the car!

(close up picture of a long scratch going down the back of a dusty car)

Anyone have some doggy Advil??


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nobody Knows the Trouble I See

Nobody knows the sorrow. Or at least momentary sorrow. That moment when mom put me in the cage and told me I was staying.
(Scooter inside a prison cell with the door open)

Last weekend, we went to Alcatraz. What a day! Car ride. City walk. Boat ride. Prison tour. Boat ride. City walk. City walk. City walk. People linner (the meal that took place somewhere between lunch time and dinner time). City walk (really, this was getting a bit ridiculous!) And, thankfully, a car ride!

Mama says I was a rock star. I rocked The Rock! We looked in cells and learned how the prisoners lived. (those boys had no privacy!)
(Scooter "doing his business" as a prisoner would)
Their beds were not very comfy either! I could not have taken a nap there! Too hard!
(Scooter sitting on the hard metal bed frame)
There was a pock marked floor where grenades (grenades!) were used to break up a riot.
(Scooter standing, looking up at the camera with pocked concrete all around his feet)

And lots and lots of bars to hold people in (and a dog, every now and then)
(Scooter inside a closed cell, with his snout resting on the bars, looking sad)

We met a former inmate too. He said that it was a life of deprivation, BUT they were all there for a reason. (Robert Luke robbed a bank, then ended up at Alcatraz because he tried to break out of his first prison.)

(Lighthouse like structure on Alcatraz with a bright blue sky behind)

(Scooter on a retaining wall, with the water and Golden Gate bridge in the background)

One thing is for sure. Alcatraz was a prison with a view! It was a beautiful day and just talking about it reminds me of how tired I was when I came home!

Gotta find my tin cup before going into home confinement for a nap.


Friday, February 3, 2012


Finally! Back up and running! (I think!) Mom's blogger app got mad at her phone and refused to publish blogs. Ack! We are bloggers on the go! They may as well have cut my toes off. (and we almost did! But that's another story for another day!)

But, (hopefully) this new (ie free) app will have us back on track!

Expect to hear more from me! I looooove to talk about ME! My favorite subject! Here we go...