Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Scooter Christmas - Day #3

On the third day of Christmas, Scootie said to me: "Please, no more vets!"

December included many vet trips for me. At least I found a comfy way to wait in the vet clinic.
(Scooter's wrinkly head between knees, with the rest of his body slumped along legs to the ground, belly exposed)

Warm compresses are kinda nice - toasty warm and some special Mom-time 3 days a day - not bad!
(Scooter's belly with a warm washcloth covering his boy parts)

The party hat kinda stinks though! It makes my head too big to fit most places, which is no fun!
(Scooter looking up at the camera with sad eyes, while wearing his big cone)

Just thinking about all that recovery makes a boy tired! Time for rest!
(Scooter wrapped up in a red blanket, big giant paw looped over the front edge)


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Days of Scooter Christmas - Day #2

On the second day of Christmas, Scootie said to me: "I haaaaaate shopping!" Shopping is boring! Shopping is tiring! Shopping is stupid!
(Scooter with sad eyes in the purse department)
(Scooter in the shoe department)
(Scooter zonked on the floor, with a scarf over his shoulders)


Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days of Scooter Christmas - Day #1

Christmas was SO busy that I had to wait until AFTER Christmas to tell you all about it!

On the 1st day of Scooter Christmas, there was so much to see! Mom and Dad took us - so many lights! Pretty!

We went (more than once!) to see Weaver's Wonderland light display. It was SUPER bright and super cold on my bum!
(Weaver House all lit up - hundreds of thousands of lights, Disney Characters - including all 101 Dalmations - Where's Waldo and various other Christmas peeps)

Snow White was there and I thought she could use an 8th dwarf. Mom didn't think so - she said I won't be dwarf-y very much longer! But, I think I fit in!
(Scooter, in his Santa hat, sitting with Snow White and the dwarfs)

Everyone I see tells me how big I am - but the Weavers have Great Danes that make me look like a dwarf! This is their last Great Dane. He isn't around any more. :( But, he's always there for Christmas!
(Giant wooden cut out of a great dane)

But what is that between his feet?? Doesn't anyone clean up after that guy?? I know he's wooden, but still!
(A great dane-size wooden poo cut out between the great dane's feet)

One time when we went, my buddy Saxon went with us. We tried to get the sleigh to take off, but I guess you need reindeer for that.

(Scooter sitting in a kid-sized sleigh with Saxon out front)

Such fun!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Nice!

Dear Mama,
It's not nice to torture puppies. It is mean and unfair. Especially when you sit back and laugh about it. It's just plain mean! I only have so much will power to ignore things that are not mine. Even when they are things that would normally be mine. Putting toys for me ON a table, making them not mine, makes my brain hurt.

(Scooter staring at a coffee table full of Nylabones waiting to be ribboned for the puppy group)

I think I need some cuddles after that!

(Scooter cuddled up in a blanket)

Awww thats better. But, I keep dreaming about those bones!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last one gone!

Yippy!! The last one! I
took it at lunch time yesterday. So happy! I was SO tired of them that I wasn't even excited about my extra food! (I pouted and refused to eat it, hoping the pill would not go down without it. I was wrong). Here it is:

(hand holding an antibiotic pill)

I'm done! 3 weeks of pills, pills and more pills. Done! My big lump has shrunk and the sore part is gone. My broken tooth is getting wiggly. I'm on the mend! Now, I can relax.

(sleeping Scooter wrapped in a red blanket)

And meet some new friends

(scooter nose to nose with a horse)

Life is good!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Mama

Dear Mama,
Enough shopping already! Or, you will get more of this face:

(Scooter lying by a purse display, slight head tilt and sad eyes going on)

Woofs and Loves,

Friday, December 2, 2011

I did it!!

And it made Mama SOOOO happy! She told me over and over and over that I am a good good boy. She jumped up and down. She clapped and danced. I wagged and wagged and wagged cause I made Mama SO happy!

Wanna know what I did?? I jumped into the car all by myself! ALL. BY. MYSELF!!! It's been hard to do, cause I'm just and baby and my 55 pound butt is hard to heft that high. But, I DID IT!! Mama is so happy not to have to get my back end for me anymore.

(Scooter standing in the back of the suv next to his crate)