Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Scooter Christmas - Day #3

On the third day of Christmas, Scootie said to me: "Please, no more vets!"

December included many vet trips for me. At least I found a comfy way to wait in the vet clinic.
(Scooter's wrinkly head between knees, with the rest of his body slumped along legs to the ground, belly exposed)

Warm compresses are kinda nice - toasty warm and some special Mom-time 3 days a day - not bad!
(Scooter's belly with a warm washcloth covering his boy parts)

The party hat kinda stinks though! It makes my head too big to fit most places, which is no fun!
(Scooter looking up at the camera with sad eyes, while wearing his big cone)

Just thinking about all that recovery makes a boy tired! Time for rest!
(Scooter wrapped up in a red blanket, big giant paw looped over the front edge)


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  1. He is so cute looking, really wanting a black lab for my next dog.