Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sooo tiring!

Settling in here has been super easy. It's like these people know what to do or something. The big dog likes me ok, so that's good.

Monday was my first day at work. Work with Mom isn't all that exciting most of the time. The people are fun and think I am super cute (duh!!)

Lunch is the best time of day! Of course, lunch = food! I may not be a chow hound like some labradors (*cough*DAGAN*cough*) but I do love me some lunch! Yum-mo!

And a little walk. I don't go too far, cause my big feet are super heavy! It's light weight lifting with these things!

First, we meet up with the sheep ladies. Super rude!! I walk up to say hi and they take off! Umm... Ladies, it is YOU who smells! Not me! Someone needs to teach these ladies some manners!

Then it is off to watch the trucks. Or so Mom thinks! I actually watch the porta-potty. No sink! I gotta know who should not pet me! Yuck!!

After all that, I need some shut eye! So tiring being this cute, ya know?? Plush grass is a good spot!

But that sun is super hot! I don't do hot! Time to get back to the office and into the a/c! Much better in the a/c! That's some good stuff!


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