Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Pastor Kevin

Dear Pastor Kevin,
I am truly sorry that my behavior in church yesterday was not stellar. Its not you. It's totally me. Well, not totally me. Dad made me sit through the first service while Mom was teaching the kiddos. THEN (and here is where the problem came in) Mom made me sit through second service. It's not that your message was boring. But, I had already heard it once, so I was trying to meditate on it. But... I'm not even 4 months old, and Mom says I have the attention span of a gnat. So, I forgot that I was meditating and... Umm... Fell asleep. And I like to sleep on my back. And sometimes I snore a little (Mom says a lot, but I think she lies).

So Pastor Kevin, I will do my best to set a better doggy example in the future. I will try not to fall asleep. If I fail at that,
I will try not to snore. If I fail at that, I will try not to roll over and expose my belly to all who pass by. If I fail at that, I will pretend not to enjoy and sly belly rubs from passing ushers. Well, ok. That one was a lie. How can I pretend not to like my most favoritist thing?? But, you get the picture.

And since I am likely to fail at all of those (remember - not yet 4 months old!) I hope that you can forgive my snores and snuffles.


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  1. Silly Scooter, that's why you have to get to church early to get a seat in the back.

    (he he he- old joke my pastor told one sunday)