Monday, April 9, 2012

Sore Head!

I'm not sure why, but I gots a head ache today! I'm just innocently playing and having fun, then BAM! Something runs in to me! First, I was doing Labbie Loops in the yard and BAM the pole smacked me right in the noggin!

Mean pole! It just leapt right in front of me as I was scootin by at top speed! Dumb pile knocked me on my butt! I shook it off and headed inside (if Pole could do that, what else might try to get me out there??)

Sooo I come in and am playing with my bone. I put my big ol paw on it and skate around the house. But, it got away from me and slid under the dog food cabinet. I couldn't let Boney Bone hide! No way! So, I slid in behind Boney and BAM! Knocked in the noggin again!!

What did I do to deserve such treatment?? Dagan says it's cause I laughed at Mr Kitty's hospital issued hat and hair cut (seriously! They are HIL-arious!) but, I guess that's not so nice.

Maybe Half Crate will keep me safe!

I'll be here if you need me! (passed out from head pain, perhaps, but I'll be here!)


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