Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day at the Beach

It was finally warm enough for us to go visit Dagan's favorite place! My peeps have been since I got here, but I was too little to go!

After snoozing through church, I was well rested for our adventure!

Ummm... No one told me that the water chases you! Who enjoys that?!?! SO unkind!!

I kept a close eye on it, so it wouldn't get me! But Dagan as having so much fun! He convinced me to be just a little brave.

Once I started exploring, it wasn't so bad.

I even let it touch my feet!

It might look like I wanted to chase the ball Dad was gonna throw for Dagan, but really - I was just waiting for Dagan to run so I could chase him! Who needs tennis balls?? Chasing brother is way more fun!

After all that running, my church nap wore off and I needed a rest! We headed home, took a bath and settled in for the night. Sooo sleepy!



  1. It's been great weather for the beach. We need to go soon--I'm not doing a good job of keeping my resolution of getting to the beach more this year! I'm glad Scooter liked the water and that Dagan is running around so well!

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