Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whatcha Lookin For??

When helping Mom in the kitchen the other day, we lost something. Mom went to dry her hands and the towel was missing! What the what???

It had JUST been there, hanging on the front of the cabinet drawer! I was JUST sitting by it! (it's a good spot to get a little splashing when Mom is doing the dishes - she really is quite splashy!)

I decided to help her look.

(Scooter walking with a hand towel over his hips)

I wandered all over the kitchen to see if I could find the towel. I looked by the stove and the table and the fridge. I looked by the sink and the freezer and the dog bowls (I *may* have looked a little longer by the dog bowls, in hopes that Mom would forget about the towel and feed me!)

Finally, I gave up! All that wandering around made me tired! And all of Mom's laughing didn't help anything! Why is losing a towel so stinkin funny??

(Scooter sitting - towel still on his hips)

Oh well! I tried to help!


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