Friday, August 17, 2012

The Final Last Day

Scooter is off at college now and we were so busy enjoying our last day together, he didn't get a chance to post about it. So, here I am, sad that he is gone, but SO excited to see what life he chooses for himself.

Our "Last Day" tradition is to head to an overlook to the Golden Gate Bridge for pictures.

We certainly took pictures, but the Golden Gate didn't make it in any of them! It's out there somewhere.

We explored the Marin Headlands bunkers and tunnels.

And once we were frozen (ahhh San Francisco in August...) we took off for lunch.

Off The Grid baby! Food truck fun! We had a chance to hang out with friends and enjoy our time together.

Then it was off to campus. Sniffle.

Scooter looooved the hanging toys! The video isn't great, but...

After several last hugs, we were off. This week's phase report:
Scooter 5C69 LAB M 0

Scoot, we love you! Do good work buddy!

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  1. Having taken my daughter to college for the first time last year, I can totally relate now to sending a guide dog puppy off to training. Hope Scooter makes lots of puppy pals and that all the trainers and kennel techs adore him--how could they not! Hugs to you guys--hope this transition goes smoothly.