Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 5

A good good day! After saying good-bye to my work friends, we said a quick good-bye to Dagan's day care buddies when we picked him up. Ran home, ditched Dagan and headed out... I didn't know where we were going, but we picked up one of my favorite peeps! So fun (I won't mention that I have a tendency to jump over the seat when she gets in the car). Then, we picked up Dad and went in the car for-EVER! As soon as we parked, I got all excited - BASEBALL time!!! Woo hoo! I LOVE my Giants! I dressed for Orange Friday and we were off!

It took a while to get in, through the lines, and get settled.

I had a great seat - even if I couldn't see all the action.

What's better than a ball game with your dad?

Friend Janie came too! So happy to see her before we both go off to college Sunday!

But, the best part?? Every time this guy got up to play, people cheered for ME!!

Up to bat? "SCOOTEROO!!" a good play in the infield? "SCOOTEROO!!" He must have told everyone that I was going to be there! Mom says they were saying "Scutaro," but that doesn't make much sense. What's a Scutaro?? Crazy Mom!

Day 5 was a great one (even if #19 and his pals lost).


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