Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week of Lasts Day 1

Well guys, we are almost at the end of our time together. There are traditions in this house and we will stick to them! The Week of Lasts is always full of fun and tears. Monday, Day 1, was not all that exciting - my last trip to Petco and Trader Joe's. Sorry guys, not much to miss there!

But my Week of Lasts started a day early. Mom didn't get any pics, but it was my last Sunday with my church peeps. Love them! I will miss listening for Aunty Angela and anticipating her most excellent body rubs. I will miss my kids friends and my adult friends. Just love them!

Then, it was off to the beach! On my last trip to the beach, I was actually NOT scared (or too scared anyway) of the ocean chasing me down! Silly Ocean just wanted to play with me!

I hung with Dagan and my pug friends and Montego and Gertie. I 💙 Gertie. There's just something about old ladies that gets me! Love me a cougar!

Montego likes to chase birds. See the little dot by the big giant pelican?? That's my friend Montego. He's crazy! That bird totally couldn't have eaten him! I think.

Anyone want a face only a mother could love?? This little pug friend is a rescue, looking for a home. She's... She's... Well, she's a non-Scooter-lovin-pistol of cuteness. I hope she finds a mother to love that face soon!

A good day! I hope I find my way to a beach again after college!

In case you are wondering, Mom's heart looks a bit like this now:

She wishes my paw print wasn't quite so big though.


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  1. The name grabbed me, my childhood dog was also Scooter, and now I'm hooked. I look forward to your every post.