Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week of Lasts: Day 2

Today I had another boring day at work. Nothing exciting. Nothing new.

But, after work, Mom, Dad, Dagan and I all went to visit Ms
Janice so I could say good bye to her. I don't mind my week of lasts so much. I don't mind saying goodbye to places I have been. It's not that I won't miss those places (come on, I'd be crazy not to miss the beach!), but people are harder.

I'm a dog. I live in the now. That makes me lucky. I'm always happy to see my peeps, but I just don't miss them like they miss me. There is so much fun to have every moment, it's hard to take time out to miss people. But I know it's not the same for them. I get that and it makes me sad that they can't live in the NOW as well as I can. I hope they learn to miss me less, then just be super excited to see me when the time comes. And I totally hope that they show it with a big butt wag (cause they don't have a tail...)

Annnnyway! That's my hope for my peeps! On our way home, after Ms Janice's and a quick stop at Raley's (mom is such a dork! She took "pulled pork" outta the freezer for the crockpot to cook - but, it was carnitas and dinner required some re-working. Why can't they be happy with kibble every day like me?? That's WAY easier!) we all took one last trip to Golden Spoon. My puppy buds and I go there after puppy class all the time. I'm gonna miss my Golden Spoon naps!

Wonder what's next!

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