Tuesday, November 22, 2011


53.4 pounds! That's how much I weighed before getting soaking wet today. And how did I get wet, you ask?? Not. My. Fault.

Someone made me climb the stairs of doom! And this is where I ended up.

(Scooter in the tub at the dog wash)

Um... Yeah. Who signed me up for this?? Not. Me. After the wet came the soap. Then came the wet again. Then the towel.

(Scooter with a pink towel over his head)

Pink is not my color people! This is a much better method of drying!

(completely blurred Scooter mid shake)

Hey! This is a pretty good way too!

Better drying!

Now I stink and my fur feels funny. But mama's happy.

(Scooter clean and sorta dry)



  1. Man Scooter! You are a big boy! That is what Levi weighed when she left...