Sunday, November 6, 2011

Phew! I survived!

What a day!! We had a rough night last night! Dagan was forced to sleep on a dog bed on tie down and was NOT happy about it. What a whiner! Thats what happens when you steal Mom's covers! Then there was his faking a pee before bed because it was raining, which made him need to go out at 4 - or was it 3?? Weird stuff happened with the clocks today! THEN, while out there, he had to defend our yard from those traitorous deer... Yeah, it was a long night!

So, I snored through church yet again. (Blame Dagan Pastor Kevin! Not my fault! I was so sleepy!)

Then, we ran some errands. It was crazy out there today!! We started at Bed Bath and Beyond. Mom didn't even let me check out their dog section. No fair!

Then... Ugh... Target. Holy Moses what a place! This was only my second time to visit there and I can't believe how many feet were there! Mom says I was a rockstar (duh! I totally am!) But boy was I wiped out after that trip!

All I could say was, "Crate please!"

(Scooter with his front feet on the bumped of the car, looking into his crate, waiting for his rump to get a leg up)

I need a nap!


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