Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Sunday

Yesterday was a mixed bag!

Started good: Foleyand Lester were still here to play.

(Scooter and Foley playing tug with a person)

It continued good. I got to visit my church friends and take a little nap. I only got shaken out of my snoring once during the sermon - so that's pretty good.

(Scooter sleeping at church)

Then my peeps took me to some Off the Grid place to look at some trucks. The trucks gave my peeps food and made them happy.

(Scooter in front of a food truck)

Then, the good continued and we took a walk. Mom said I was a rockstar. But, I say I was a hole in one!

(Scooter sitting in a large hole cut out in a tree trunk)

All good, right?? But that's where it ended!

Next came some concern about a growing bump on my belly. It started small and grew real fast and hurt my belly! I did some crying and moaning. There was lots of discussion about it, then mama decided I needed a trip to the vet.

I waited patiently in the waiting room.

(Scooter's profile as he sat in the waiting room)

Then I had to wait in a room. But at least I got to cuddle with mama some there.

(Scooter squished between legs, his butt rolled under in a full slouch)

(Scooter lying on the exam room floor looking up at the camera)

The vet looked. And poked. And prodded. Not sure what The Thing is (I won't post pics - it would scare you away! Plus, its in a ehem delicate location and I don't post puppy porn) maybe a bug bite? Maybe an infected hair follicle? Maybe I was abducted by aliens and they implanted me with a tracking chip??

I'm going with the alien theory. Why else would I end up with a satellite dish on my head?!?

(Scooter on his bed, wearing his e-collar)

The aliens are making me tired! Time for another nap. Hopefully today will have more ups than downs.

Alien Wags,

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