Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Day of Rest and Lots of Pics!

Today, after going to church, we have had a day of rest. We've napped, and hung out as a family and built a dresser. And then, I napped some more! A Good day! Wanna know why I need a day of rest!??! A BUSY weekend!

Friday night, after I had some play time with Dagan and Katra, we went to play poker. Dagan had his girlfriend over, so they stayed home.
(Scooter and Dagan making a Katra Oreo)

Since I don't have thumbs to help hold the cards, I didn't get to play. So, I hung out with some of my 2-foot friends and showed them how to chew on bones. Mom said I was supposed to be her lucky charm, but I thought playing sounded like more fun. Turns out, she didn't need me as a lucky charm - she did ok on her own. AND, since it was a charity event, we raised a bunch of money to help some families have a great Christmas.

(Scooter by his blanket and bones, lying on the feet of his buddy Jim)

As you know, Saturday, we started the day with more playing with Katra and Dagan. Then, we loaded up and headed to graduation. But, you didn't see any pictures of me and my sister! I'm a whole lot bigger than her, so lots of people think she is younger than I am. Or I am older than her. Or something.
(Scooter and Sandy sitting outside the gift shop at GDB)

But, after graduation, my real education started. Mom and Dad jumped in the car and I took a nap (it was super cold at graduation and I thought I was going to shiver myself to death!) I got out of the car in the big parking lot. And started walking. And walking. We went to this big building called IKEA. Holy Moly! What a trip! Boy was I tired when I came home from that one! Don't tell Mama, but I was so sleepy that I sneaked up on the couch for a snooze. Shhh! Don't tell!
(Scooter on the couch, head on a polka dotted pillow, paw holding on to the pillow)

So, after church, it was all about rest! I chewed on some bones and knocked out a loose tooth. After lots of clean up, My bone and I took a nap.

(Scooter sleeping with his bloody bone)

Post nap, I had to help build the dressed that we got at IKEA. Here's how I helped!
(Scooter sitting on top of the box) There was lots of screwing in stuff and putting pieces together. I'm glad I could be helpful! Now, after being so helpful, I need lots of sleep! please ignore the snoring!


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  1. You are a lot bigger than your sister!

    I've missed having a puppy snoring in my room as I tried to sleep. Some people find it annoying, I find it soothing. :)