Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost 30 for 30

So, its more like 29 for 30. I am SO super bummed that I messed up on the second to last day of November! Seriously! It's the blog-o-day month! And I messed it up! Such a bummer. This is my second post for today, so maybe that will count and make up for yesterday.

Here is what I was gonna post yesterday ('sept *someone* hogged the computer all night!)

Tuesday's Ten!

Ten things that are great about my week of medical problem:
1) Food lots of times during the day!
2) Pills that need to be given with food every 12 hours
3) Pills that need to be given with food every 8 hours
4) 2 pills with breakfast
5) my 8 hour pill with a snack around 2
6) my 12 hour pill with dinner
7) my last 8 hour pill with a snack before bed.
8) food 4 times per day! That's 4!
9) knowing that Dagan isn't getting fed like me!
10) Thinking... thinking... Hey wait! Almost time for bed! Gotta go get my pill! (and snack!)


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