Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who trained this lady??

Dear Mama,
Ummm... I'm not sure how to you this, but I think you need to reread your puppy raising manual. It is so hard for me not to just ignore this one rule, look the other way and let you get away with it. But, I can't.

Things you have taught me:
1) All food has to be in my bowl
2) I can't take food from hands unless
A) I have been told to "Come!"
B) I hear the work "Nice!"
C) Both of the above require that I do not take any fingers with the kibble.
3) I never ever ever pick up food off the floor.

#3 is where your trouble started. Because we went out last night, you fed me dinner early. I'm always happy to oblige and eat when you put the food in my bowl.

But we get home and you get some dog cookies out. You say they will help the dog tummies not get too empty over night (I'm a bit acidy). Ok, I appreciate you looking out for my belly. But we need to talk about your delivery.

Remember #3???

(Scooter in the crate, looking away from the cookie on the floor)

Just because you forgot to put it in my bowl does not mean that you can just toss it in my bed for me to eat. I do NOT see a bowl in my crate! So, here I sit, having to look away from it, pretending it is not there.

Please go back a read your rule book and come back to fix this problem!

Hurry! Please! It's killing me!



  1. What, serving you a cookie on the floor? That's disgusting. I hope you didn't eat it, Scooter, until it was given with the proper etiquette.

    I sure loved meeting you yesterday, Scooter. You are the mellowest puppy ever!

  2. Ha! Waffle does the samething when she is not supposed to be begging. Don't Bamboo know about the cookies or she'll want some too!