Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Graduation Ned and Hestia!!

OK, I'm saying Happy Graduation, but really - I don't know this Ned guy! Dagan said that Ned is his brother-from-another-mother, whatever that means. I hear this Ned guy was in our puppy club before I came around. But, the people were excited to see me (Duh! I'm super cute!) Not that being cute saved me from sitting on the hard cold ground throughout the ceremony.
(Ned being presented on stage at graduation)

Now Miss Hestia I know! She comes to our puppy meetings and is Sandy's big dog. She is going to be a mama dog next year. I hope Sandy and I get to play with the babies! Most mama dogs don't get to go back to their raiser's homes to live. But, we live close enough to campus, so she got to come home.
(Hestia and her family)

A whole bunch of my puppy group was there today to see the dogs graduate. That was super cool! Mama loved that so many came out to support our friends! Here is most of our group that was at graduation.
But, do you see that hard ground that I had to sit on? Not the lush green grass, where I could cuddle with people. And not Auntie Kerri's lap, where Sandy is sitting! (She gets to do that stuff just cause she's little! Don't these people know that my brain is just as little as hers?? It's only my body that is twice the size!)

(Scooter being carried by John, while Scoot tries to lick his face)

Now that is better! Dad can keep me warm and make sure that my poor buttocks are off the hard ground. Thanks Dad!



  1. Scooter, Hestia is also my sister. I'm very glad that you've posted these pics. My Momma said that if we had been home that we would have gone as well. I can't wait to hear that she's a Momma because it means that I'll be an Auntie! Sorry you had to sit on the cold, hard ground. That doesn't sound fun at all.


  2. Congrats to Ned and Hestia! That's a lot of people who came out to support-terrific!