Thursday, November 3, 2011

Watch out for the pointy things!

Over the weekend, the fam and I headed out to run some errands (boring!!). We got some pants. We bought some gift cards. We bought a present for the Soda Stream. Eventually, we headed home. The trip home always leaves plenty of time for a nap. But my nap was cut short. Ugh!

We went to this place full of orange balls. SO weird!!

But, since I didn't get to play with them, I found them pretty boring.

I got to meet some new friends too. I lived meeting these girls! Super friendly and gave great kisses!

I tried to make friends with the
Girls' neighbors, but they were real a$$es! All sorts of snorting and huffing going on at their house. Rude!!

But this one takes the cake in rudeness!! Since my ladies were so friendly, I went up to meet Scruffy too. Ummm... Scruffy didn't like me. Thank goodness for good fences! Scruffy tried to poke me with this pointy things! Youch! That would have hurt! Meanie!

After listening to some live music and buying some of those orange balls, we were off. Things got confusing at home though. Mom and Dad cut the tops off the balls and pulled all the stuff out. I thought we only did that to stuffies. So odd! Then they scratched at the balls and tore them up. How come I would get in trouble for that, but they don't?!? Not fair!

Mon said she turned her ball into a dog. Don't get it.

Think I can do that to my jolly ball?? I think I should give it a try!


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