Friday, November 18, 2011

Fridays are for friends!

Yippy!! How much fun is this?? Mom and I got home from work today and guess who was there?? Dagan's girlfriend Katra came over! Aren't they cute??

(Dagan and Katea sitting on the porch)
We got to do some running in the yard and some playing with each other. Then, when we were settling down a little we had to sit still for Mom and that stupid camera.

(Scooter Katra and Dagan sitting in their doggy Oreo)

It was SO hard to sit still so long!

(Dagan lying behind Scooter and Katra)

SO many pictures were taken! I think I need a guide dog now! I finally gave up and tried to get some play time in.

(Dagan and Katra in downs and Scooter lying belly up enticing Katra to play)

That's better!

Off to play!!


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